Trapez kitesurfingowy ION Apex SELECT


Trapez kitesurfingowy ION Apex SELECT

Producent: ION
Model: Apex Select burgund
Cena: 1 190,00zł

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* Wielkość :

Najlepsze materiały, wykończenie,komfort i podparcie na najwyższym poziomie, jeden z najwygodniejszych trapezów ION'a, bazujący na piance z pamięcią kształtu, klasa sama w sobie,bardzo polecam!



Searching for creation’s crowning glory? – your search is over now: our APEX SELECT is the most comfortable harness on the planet. Cushy like a couch and fitting like a bucket seat it supports your riding style in all conditions.


Target Group

For all freeriders, that are interested in waves but in speed as well and some tricks now and then complete your perfect session.

Memory Foam 3.0

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA for space shuttle seats to shoot their astronauts most comfortably and safe into space. This Visco-Elastic Foam adapts to the shape of your body very quickly and provides super comfortable and strong support.

As Memory foam is highly elastic it spreads pressure in a smooth and consistent way along the body contours. Unlike other foams – EVA, Neoprene, … etc.,

Memory foam creates almost no pressure when returning to its original shape after being deformed. This fact has a positive influence on the blood

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